Lewis and Susan Jenkins

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Caleb's OFA Results:

OFA Number Registry Report Date Age Final Conclusion
LR-CA1341/22M/C-PI Cardiac Oct 6, 2004 22 mos NORMAL
LR-38779 CERF May 9, 2009 6.5 yrs NORMAL
LR-155074G35M-PI Hips Oct 28, 2005 35 mos GOOD
LR-EL28578M35-PI Elbow Oct 28, 2005 35 mos NORMAL

Caleb is Clear on the genetic test for Canine Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC).

I understand that Caleb in Hebrew means 'dog', and it also means 'bold'. Our Caleb was all of that. He trained with Susan at Papp's Dog Services, an obedience school in Akron, Ohio, and competed for advanced Obedience and Rally titles.  Caleb was also pointed toward his AKC conformation championship, including a best-of-breed over two specials, and had his UKC Grand Championship with multiple Best-of-Breeds and a Group 4 and a Group 3 placement. Caleb's breeder is www.dunnsmarshlabs.com.
Caleb left us suddenly in February 2013.  With 91 points he was just short of completing his OTCh, and had over twenty High in Trials and over a dozen High Combines.  He will always be greatly missed.

GRCh, U-CDX, Dunn's Marsh Caleb of Waltona


Photo by Debi Huml.

Jaker's Golden Tobijah    CD, CGC

Call him "Tobie". He lived eleven years as Becca's sidekick. He was gentle but knew how to tell young pups that he is done playing. He got his Companion Dog degree at twelve years of age, and scored better than 190 in every competition thus earning the Front and Finish Excellent Gold award. A CD and FFX Gold at twelve is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Tobie went to join Becca with Jesus just shy of his 14th birthday. Photo by Jack Papp of Papp's Dog Services, Akron, Ohio.

Lady Rebecca V      CD, CDX, UD (US and Canada), WC

Just "Becca" for short, she was one of the top twenty obedience labrador retrievers in the country. The only reason she did not earn a UDX is that the title was not yet invented. She was a no-nonsence girl who was smart and feisty without being obnoxious. She lived to enjoy her sixteenth birthday party, and knew, of course, that it was all about her.