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Web Log                          2017.05.17

This Just In

An odd ode appeared in Dr. Little's mail earlier this week. Its author signature is an obvious pseudonym, and the single sheet of paper was folded into an unmarked letter-sized envelope. Both paper and envelope had only Marie's fingerprints. She swears she had no knowledge about this, and everyone is inclined to believe her.

Despite the fact that these web pages are top-heavy with material about The Little Company, including Robey their Thinking Machine,  I do get occasional anonymous gifts that I've decided to put in this blog when my brain is having a slow week—like this one. Doc gave me his little smile, and pushed the paper across his desk.

The machine and I often attend the Akron Manuscript Club meetings held on the third Thursday of most months at 6:00 PM in the Highland Square branch of the Akron/Summit County Library. The topic for the month is poetry, and besides showing it here, I'm going to submit the anonymous item for the group's critique. It will be fun to watch someone besides me get skewered—in kindest and gentlest of terms I must add—even though I'm not sure who's getting the point.


                   Odd Ode

I think that I shall write a poem:
A good one so that I can show ‘em
I can write some verse before the deadline.

I’d rather write a novel but
I can see that that’s a nut I’d
Never crack, unless I wrote like Heinlein.

Flash Fiction I could also write:
Some simple words, profound and tight
An editor would publish with my by-line.

On second thought I’ll write an essay:
One that sort of rhymes, and that way
Whether it is bad—or worse—

Everyone would laugh—or curse—
But most of them would call the thing a poem.

                         Sewell Snickney

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